Jennifer Metz,
The Inn at 2nd & C

“Fiona is clear, concise and has a truly professional way of handling her clients and the job at hand. Her artistic eye for design offered myself and my business partners assured satisfaction from the very start. Fiona was quick to interpret our needs and take our ideas and turn them into an efficient, operative and beautifully designed website.”

Garrett Morris


Front-End Developer

“Fiona developed a simple, yet iconic brand and theme for our online web app. From Idea to conception, all the way through to QA, she has been there for every step of our journey and through many iterations of our idea, she's helped us to deliver. I would not hesitate to recommend her for your design projects. A1, bar none.” 

Natalynne DeLapp

HCGA Program Dir.

“Fiona provides stylish design with ease of function. Developing our new website with Fiona was smooth, and she taught us how to easily interface with the new operating system. We now have a beautiful and functional website thanks to Fiona.”

Jed Zilberberg,

“Working with Fiona was a truly professional experience that gave me confidence in the success of my projects. Her knowledge of the marketing world as well as her expertise in producing unique, impressive, eye-catching print and website assets always impresses me.”

Joyce Li, 
Digital Producer,

“Fiona is thoroughly knowledgeable about UX design and is very comfortable speaking to it — in a way that clients understand. She's collaborative and a great team member, but even more importantly, she's a great leader —possessing vision, strategy, and the ability to prioritize her resources so that they're working on the right thing at the right time. She was essential to the work my team did at iProspect and we really miss her expertise and friendly presence every day. Everyone says this, but I cannot stress how much Fiona is an asset to any team needing creative leadership. She's utterly fantastic, both as a collaborator and as a person. You can thank me later for the tip.”