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Landing Page + Social Posts

I executed the design and layout of this Lenovo promotion for their Easter Egg Contest, which involved a landing page, and associated social posts as well as assorted clues. These promos were hidden throughout Lenovo's website, allowing users to discover and engage with Lenovo products, while also playing the game. Winners received a free laptop. This innovative approach delivered 50% more G+ followers and increased site traffic, which netted the team a nomination for the 2015 Groundswell Forrester award for excellence in social marketing.


Social Posts

Lenovo_Easter_Contest_Promos_0003_EGG 4.
Lenovo_Easter_Contest_Promos_0001_EGG 2.
Lenovo_Easter_Contest_Promos_0002_EGG 3.
Lenovo_Easter_Contest_Promos_0000_EGG 1.
Lenovo_Easter_Contest_Promos_0004_EGG 5.
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